Who & What We Are:
Smart Hot Music Dotcom also browsed as www.smarthotmusic.com is a News/media website founded on the 12th September 2021 by a very hardworking Zambian Man together with his team who has a heart for music. Smarthotmusic.com is the first fastest growing Zambian Entertainment based Website which also features other international music artists

SmartHotMusic is set up to help emerging artists get their music to their fans fast and easy. We’ve built a large online market, with a view to connect artists to events, brands, publishers, record labels, and the fans.

Updated content, innovative ideas and user friendly of this website across all platforms including but not limited to mobile, desktop etc are the main reasons as to why this site is growing big within a short period of time.

Smarthotmusic now reaches over 320,231 site visitors monthly and almost 98,945 page views every month, Smarthotmusic is now growing bigger each day and soon to be one of  Zambia’s biggest Entertainment Website.

Smarthotmusic.com aims at creating the new face of Zambian Music Online and helping grow both it’s Local & International artist’s musical career Online.

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