Singer Shenky Shugah Is Sad & Crying Owl

official instagram account was hacked. News

Versatile musician Shenky Shugah is probably the only innocent musician in Zambia, yet someone just hacked his account and blocked him from accessing his official Instagram account.

Well, as it stands, he has no control over what gets posted on the page … however, this hacker must be a gray-hat because nothing offensive has been shared on the page, yet.

As he anticipates gaining back access to his Instagram account that had garnered over 100,000 followers, Shenky has opened up a new account.

Meanwhile, Shenky has turned to his fans for help to get his account back. May be a few alerts to Facebook can do the trick.

Shenky took to Facebook and shared a photo looking (very) sad with the writing. Feeling so sad my official instagram account was hacked yesterday…Can anyone be of help?????

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